The initial offering of Applied Physical Attacks classes covering Rapid Prototyping and Hardware Implant techniques at CanSecWest was a success! A room full of attendees all got to make their own malicious hardware devices from scratch in the span of only a few days.

Both of these courses aim to fill some of the gaps you encounter when you shift from a lovingly prepared target system in an introductory class to a real world system you’ve never seen before:

Applied Physical Attacks: Rapid Protoyping focuses on using rapid prototyping and hardware tooling to interface to target systems. Applied Physical Attacks: Hardware Implants brings the rapid prototyping and hardware pentesting techniques together to build standalone hardware attack devices.

CanSecWest will be held in Vancouver, BC, Canada on 20-22nd of March.

Dojos will be held before the conference on 16-19 March 2019

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