The upcoming edition of will take place in Redwood City, CA. We’ve got 9 choices of hardware-focused training over the course of 4 days, all in one spot. In addition to our regular classes, we have guest trainers from around the world.

With the 4-day format, you have the option of taking either the introductory Embedded/IOT class, or the advanced Hardware Pentesting class, or you can take them both back-to-back at a discount.

Course Details

Applied Physical Attacks on Embedded Systems is a 2- to 3-day hands-on workshop covers a series of basic physical attacks that don’t require advanced modification or manipulation of an embedded ARM or MIPS target system.

Applied Physical Attacks and Hardware Pentesting is a 2- to 3-day hands-on workshop which expands on the embedded class, incorporating more advanced attacks and fitting hardware into a standard penetration testing workflow.

Other Classes available at HardwareSecurity.Training include courses on USB hacking, ARM exploit development, Crypto attacks and defenses, and IC reverse engineering.


Seaport Center, Redwood City, California.


26-29 November, 2018

Registration for Embedded and IOT systems for Hardware Pentesting for other training options