Who's ready for Wrong Island Con/Black Hat/BsidesLV/Tiaracon/Defcon? I'm pretty sure I'm not, but that's not going to stop it from starting tomorrow! Here's a rundown of things that SecuringHardware and I (Joe) will be doing over the next few days:

Friday 29 July: "Check out my new Implants" Wrong Island Con

Saturday 30 July - Tuesday 2 August: Applied Physical Attacks on x86 Systems. Black Hat USA Training 

Thursday 4 August, 11AM: The Tao of Hardware, the Te of Implants, Black Hat

Thursday and Friday, various: Tiaracon, with a cool badge i designed.

Friday 5 August, 1PM; How to Make Your Own DEF CON Black Badge with a panel

Friday 5 August, 4PM: 101 Ways to Brick your Hardware with Joe Grand

Friday 5 August, Evening: 503 Party, including the coolest PCB badges ever.

Saturday 6 August, 10AM-2PM: Applied Physical Attacks on Embedded Systems

Saturday, invitation only: SecuringHardware.com Past & Future attendee Dinner

Friday and Saturday, TBD: Hands-on JTAG for Fun and Root Shells, v2 in the hardware hacking village.