The inaugural HardwareSecurity.Training event in San Francisco was a success!

We had 80+ attendees that enjoyed one or more of the 6 training choices. At lunchtime, we had 4 world-class speakers talk to us about current research, capabilities, and vulnerabilities in hardware security.

This was the first time several of us had teamed up to run an event without it being attached to a conference. We set the bar high with a beautiful venue and excellent food, and are looking forward to running similar events in the future. will be held in San Francisco on 6-9 November

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Course details:

Applied Physical Attacks on Embedded Systems is a 2- to 3-day hands-on workshop covers a series of basic physical attacks that don’t require advanced modification or manipulation of an embedded ARM or MIPS target system. Applied Physical Attacks and Hardware Pentesting is a 2- to 3-day hands-on workshop which expands on the embedded class, incorporating more advanced attacks and fitting hardware into a standard penetration testing workflow.